Details about the Exam 70-417 and a Training Program for this exam

The Exam 70-417 is designed according to policies of the Microsoft, according to revision updates of exam content and service pack’s incorporation. The Exam 70-417 exam is only taken from the training materials of Microsoft. It is recommended by the Microsoft to view FAQs and all resources on the website of Microsoft Certification, to familiar with the terms and conditions of the Exam 70-417 and before sitting for the same exam as well. You will find all details taken from the Website of Microsoft. At end, you can get a training program for this exam as well.

Which exam topics are covered in the Exam 40-417?

This Exam 70-417 is upgraded by the composition of three exams like 70-412, 70-411 and 70-410. This exam covers the skills which belong to the core features of technology and Windows Server 2012. The Exam 70-417 is based on the open knowledge of MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator on Windows Server 2008.

As Exam 70-417 is a compound of 3 exams, so the source topics for each exam with percentage are given below, for some clear understanding of the reader.

70-417 Exam Prep

Candidate can easily try 70-417 exam training material with money back guarantee to ensure the success that can be found in the design of training. This exam is taken in English and Japanese languages. The Exam 40-417 was published on September 21, 2012. You can register for this exam through PROMETRIC, known as the Microsoft official program provider and you can download all helping material for this exam, here.

Topics from the Exam 70-411: 

The exam 70-411 is about the Administrating Windows Server 2012 and its following topics are asked in the Exam 40-417:

  • 20% from, Deploy, Manage, and Maintain Servers
  • 20% from, Configure Network Services and Access
  • 17% from, Configure a Network Policy Server Infrastructure
  • 22% from, Configure and Manage Active Directory
  • 21% from, Configure and Manage Group Policy

Topics from the Exam 70-412:

The Exam 70-412 is about Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services and its following topics are included in the Exam 70-417:

  • 20% from, Configure and Manage High Availability
  • 19% from, Configure File and Storage Solutions
  • 22% from, Implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • 21 from, Configure Network Services
  • 18% from, Configure Identity and Access Solutions

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